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in case anyone wanted a reference for how i draw troll junk! i love all headcanons for troll junk, from gray human configuration to really outlandish bullshit, this is just what i enjoy most so it’s what i use.

the bulge is basically just an overgrown semi-prehensile clit, mostly there to stimulate the nook and provide friction through frottage with other bulges. it stays mostly tucked away when not in use. the nook itself is fairly elastic to account for the wild size differences across castes. it’s attached to a gland that holds/secrets the genetic material, which is usually released at climax in several gushes (perfect for bucket-filling).

also they tend to be individual to the troll they’re attached to. as you can see troll jesus’s has tiny sporty spots. bless.

(Source: thankyoufortheweenies)

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